What are the most important adjustments in Overwatch 2? In comparison with the unique, Overwatch 2 appears and feels startlingly related. It might even be the identical sport at first look. That’s, till you look somewhat nearer and realise simply how the little variations stack as much as create a markedly completely different expertise.

With Overwatch 1 shut down for good to make manner for its long-awaited successor, we’re all gonna need to get used to the model new world launched by Overwatch 2. Fortunately, an incredible most of the greatest adjustments are additionally very optimistic and thrilling ones.

Right here we have laid out all the most important Overwatch 2 adjustments to get you on top of things. So if you have not been maintaining monitor of the handfuls and dozens of patches, buffs, nerfs, removals and additions over the previous 12 months, worry not. Learn on to study all the most important variations between Overwatch 1 and Overwatch 2.

Greatest Overwatch 2 adjustments

Overwatch 2 might on paper look lots like the unique Overwatch, however beneath the hood there’s a variety of very important adjustments that add as much as a quite completely different participant expertise.

Listed below are all the most important adjustments in Overwatch 2 in comparison with the unique:

Beneath we’ll stroll via every of those adjustments in additional element so you already know precisely what to anticipate if you dive into Blizzard’s new(ish) hero shooter.

Overwatch 2 is free to play

Overwatch 2’s most substantial change is that it’s free to play with microtransactions. This was one of many largest causes for the event of Overwatch 2 within the first place, and it is presumably the most important indicator that this actually is a brand new period of Overwatch. Now, Blizzard will get their cash not from the sport buy, however from in-game microtransactions and purchases of Overwatch 2’s model new Battle Cross.

As you’d anticipate, Overwatch 2’s Battle Cross is stuffed with cosmetics which unlock as you play matches and progress via the Battle Cross’s 80 ranges. Crucially, nevertheless, gamers who by no means performed Overwatch 1 will solely begin with 15 out of the 33 whole heroes unlocked, and might want to unlock the remainder by way of the Battle Cross. Returning gamers from Overwatch 1 can have all heroes unlocked by default aside from Kiriko, who have to be obtained by way of the Battle Cross for everybody.

Matches are actually 5v5 as an alternative of 6v6

A screenshot of the scoreboard in Overwatch 2.

The most important in-match departure from Overwatch 1 is that groups are one individual smaller, bringing the matches down from 6v6 to 5v5. Not will you will have 2 Tanks, 2 DPS, and a pair of Help heroes on every workforce in position queue. With the brand new 5v5 meta, just one Tank is allowed per workforce in position queue.

This may occasionally not sound like an enormous distinction, however the lack of two tanks severely lowers a workforce’s means to create an impenetrable defence towards the enemy workforce’s push. Blizzard wished to dispose of the long-since-stagnant meta of taking pictures countless bullets into Reinhardt partitions and Zarya bubbles, and so they’ve achieved simply that with the change to 5v5. In comparison with its predecessor, matches in Overwatch 2 are faster-paced and extra aggressive, with groups always attacking and counterattacking as a way to acquire the benefit.

New Tank hero Junker Queen wounds enemies whereas therapeutic herself

Junker Queen, a hero in Overwatch 2, poses in front of the camera, both arms gripping the axe resting on her back.

3 new heroes are being added to the roster with the discharge of Overwatch 2 – one for every hero position. Junker Queen is the brand new Tank hero. She’s some of the closely armed heroes on the market, with a shotgun for her major assault, an enormous two-handed axe, and a knife that she will throw and recall at will. The latter two weapons inflict Wounds on hit, which heal up Junker Queen as they injury the stricken enemy over time.

Junker Queen’s talents virtually all revolve round this use of Wounds. It is much less concerning the injury over time, and extra concerning the stunning quantities of therapeutic that she will glean from repeated assaults with all her talents. She’s a really self-sufficient front-line hero, which is an excellent factor in Overwatch 2’s extra aggressive matches. If you wish to learn extra about her, take a look at our Overwatch 2 Junker Queen information.

New Harm hero Sojourn comes with highly effective beam assaults

Sojourn, a hero in Overwatch 2, fires a rocket from a launcher in her arm.

Sojourn is the brand new Harm hero arriving with Overwatch 2, and he or she’s a really harmful particular person inbuilt an identical vein to Soldier: 76. Her major assault is a strong fast-firing rifle which additionally builds up vitality because it damages enemies. She will then use this vitality to energy up her secondary assault, a hitscan beam, for giant nuking potential.

Sojourn appears to be a well-rounded damage-dealer, with a slide means that may be cancelled into an additional excessive bounce on the person’s command; and a Disruptor Shot which sends out an vitality discipline which slows and damages close by enemies. Her Final makes her one to doubtlessly flip the tables of any teamfight if left unchecked, permitting her to cost up her vitality to full repeatedly over the area of a number of seconds, and making her beams pierce a number of enemies without delay. That is a complete lot of injury potential, proper there.

New Help hero Kiriko makes a unbelievable pocket healer and flanker

Kiriko, a hero in Overwatch 2, throws a kunai towards the camera in an alleyway.

Kiriko is the brand new Help hero in Overwatch 2, and might be the closest rival we’ve got to Mercy relating to having a devoted pocket healer in your workforce. Kiriko’s major unleashes a burst of therapeutic projectiles which add as much as a really excessive charge of therapeutic per second. This mixed together with her means to immediately teleport to an ally inside 30 metres makes her a unbelievable hero for tailing a single ally on harmful flank assaults and maintaining them alive towards all odds.

Kiriko is not only a healer although. She will additionally deal some superb injury herself on flank assaults due to her ranged Kunai knives, which deal low base injury however large headshot injury to enemies. She will additionally climb excessive partitions in a short time, giving her additional mobility that may make her a tough adversary to pin down except caught unawares or vastly outnumbered.

New position passives for every hero class

A shot of various different heroes from Overwatch 2 posing in front of the camera.

One other huge change to the heroes themselves in Overwatch 2 is the addition of three model new passive talents – one for all Tanks, one other for all Harm heroes, and the third for all Helps. Here is what every of them do:

  • Tank Passive: Acquire 30% knockback resistance and supply 50% much less Final cost when broken.
  • Harm Passive: Acquire +25% motion and reload pace for two.5 seconds after eliminating an enemy participant.
  • Help Passive: Heal 15 hp per second after being out of fight for greater than 1.5 seconds.

Orisa has acquired a considerable rework

Orisa stands in front of the camera in Overwatch 2 with her turret held up ready.

Orisa has acquired maybe essentially the most complete rework of any hero in Overwatch 2. Solely one in all her unique talents has been retained, and he or she additionally has a model new major weapon. Total these adjustments are very optimistic, giving Orisa plenty of new survivability and pushing potential to match the brand new one-tank meta.

Listed below are all of the adjustments to Orisa in Overwatch 2:

  • Protecting Barrier, Halt!, and Supercharger talents eliminated.
  • New major weapon: Augmented Fusion Driver – Quickly fires massive projectiles and makes use of an overheat mechanic as an alternative of reloading.
  • Fortify means – Length elevated from 4s to 4.5s. Supplies 125 Overhealth on activation along with the 40% injury discount. Additionally halves the speed of warmth buildup from Orisa’s major weapon for the period.
  • New means: Power Javelin – Launch your javelin at an enemy to stun and knock them again, dealing 60 injury. Offers an additional 40 injury and stuns longer if the enemy is knocked right into a wall. 6s cooldown.
  • New means: Javelin Spin – Spin your javelin to destroy projectiles and acquire a 50% ahead motion pace for 1.75s. Whereas energetic, charging into an enemy offers as much as 90 injury and knocks them again. 7s cooldown.
  • New Final means: Terra Surge – Sweep in enemies and achor down, gaining the consequences of Fortify and charging up a surge of injury. If charged totally (4s cost time), surge offers 500 injury. Enemies swept in additionally take injury over time and are slowed by 30%.

Doomfist is now a Tank hero

Doomfist, a hero in Overwatch 2, stands in front of the camera using his Power Block shield to deflect attacks.

Doomfist has acquired the following greatest rework in Overwatch 2 after Orisa. He is now classed as a Tank quite than a Harm hero, and in consequence he is in a position to take in much more injury than earlier than, whereas additionally making use of a lot of his earlier brawler playstyle.

Listed below are all of the adjustments to Doomfist in Overwatch 2:

  • Doomfist is now a Tank quite than Harm hero.
  • Well being elevated from 250 to 450.
  • Uppercut means eliminated.
  • Hand Cannon major assault – Harm diminished from 6 to five per pellet. Ammo regen charge elevated from 0.65s to 0.4s per pellet.
  • Rocket Punch means – Max cost time diminished from 1.4s to 1.0s. Affect injury diminished from 50-100 to 15-30 injury. Wall slam injury diminished from 50-150 to 20-40 injury.
  • Seismic Slam means – Now launches you into the air like Winston’s leap. Creates a shockwave on touchdown that offers 50 injury round you.
  • New means: Energy Block – Block 80% of incoming injury from the entrance, whereas lowering your motion pace by 35%. Blocking 100+ injury empowers your subsequent Rocket Punch with +50% injury, pace, and distance, in addition to an extended stun to wall-slammed enemies.
  • Meteor Strike Final means – Outer ring injury diminished from 15-200 to 15-100. Knockback has been eliminated, however all enemies hit now slowed by 50% for 2s. Activation time diminished from 1.0s to 0.5s.

Bastion can now transfer whereas in tank mode

A close-up shot of Bastion, a hero in Overwatch 2, with its bird companion perched on its shoulder.

Bastion is the final hero to recieve a very substantial rework for Overwatch 2’s launch. The headline change is that its can now transfer whereas in tank mode, however the configuration solely lasts for six seconds.

Listed below are all of the adjustments to Bastion in Overwatch 2:

  • Self-Restore, Configuration Sentry, and Configuration: Tank talents eliminated.
  • Reconfigure – Transformation between two major fight modes now has an 8s period and 10s cooldown.
  • Recon mode – Weapon fireplace charge diminished from 8 to five. Harm elevated from 20 to 25. Ammo diminished from 35 to 25. Weapon unfold eliminated.
  • New means: Configuration: Assault – Can now transfer whereas firing, at 35% diminished motion pace. Configuration lasts 6s. Limitless ammo whereas energetic. Weapon injury diminished by 40%. 12s cooldown.
  • New means: Tactical Grenade – Fires a grenade bounces off partitions however sticks to flooring and enemies. Detonates after a brief delay and knocks again enemies, dealing 130 injury. 8s cooldown.
  • New Final means: Configuration: Artillery – Locks in place and fires 3 artillery shells anyplace on the map. Can select a unique location for every shell. Shells deal over 200 injury.

Stuns are far much less prevalent

Cassidy, a hero in Overwatch 2, stands facing the camera on Route 66.

Virtually each current hero in Overwatch 2 has acquired some adjustments. Many are buffs, many are nerfs. One of many key takeaways is that stuns are far much less frequent in Overwatch 2 than they had been within the unique sport. Many iconic beautiful talents, equivalent to Cassidy’s Flashbang, have been changed altogether as a way to dispose of so many occurrences of being held nonetheless by an enemy participant.

New Push sport mode provides a tug-of-war spin to Escort

Ana, a hero in Overwatch 2, perches on a rooftop and shoots down at an Orisa, Lucio, and Zarya on the street below.

Overwatch 2 brings with it a model new mode referred to as Push. Very similar to Escort, Push entails bringing a payload to the opposing workforce’s facet of the map. However whereas in Escort there’s one workforce attacking and the opposite defending, in Push each groups try to push the payload all the best way again to the opposite workforce’s base, in a form of reverse tug-of-war.

Identical to in Escort, gamers will transfer the payload in Push simply by standing close to it, and ahead spawns might be activated at sure checkpoints. If the time runs out earlier than both workforce has pushed the payload all the best way to the tip, then the workforce with essentially the most distance wins.

6 new maps have been added throughout all sport modes

An establishing shot of Esperanca Portugal, a map in Overwatch 2, showing a town square area with cars parked on the right hand side.

Together with new heroes and sport modes, we have additionally received a number of recent maps to strive them out in. In whole there are 6 new maps, listed beneath together with their relevant sport modes:

  • Circuit Royal, Monte Carlo (Escort)
  • Colosseo, Rome (Push)
  • Esperança, Lisbon (Push)
  • New Queen Avenue, Toronto (Push)
  • Midtown, New York Metropolis (Hybrid)
  • Paraiso, Rio de Janeiro (Hybrid)

These are all the most important adjustments you must put together for if you first load up Overwatch 2. Little doubt you need to simply get caught in enjoying now, however in case you desire a fuller thought of what to anticipate, take a look at our Overwatch 2 assessment in progress.


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